For traditional, homemade Italian ice cream, come down to Di Paolo's ice cream parlour in Bexhill-on-Sea


It was our Great Grandfather Lorenzo Di marco who came from Italy in the late 1890’s to start work in the Ice Cream business. Lorenzo began work with his cousin in Eastbourne and sold Ice Cream from his barrow on Beachy Head. He started his own Business with Wife Orazia at Wellington Place, Hastings at the Famous ‘Di Marco Bros’. Lorenzo and family won many National awards spanning all the way from the 1930’s to the late 1950’s. Winning the first prize Gold Medal in 1934 and the prestigious Facchini Silver Cup in 1937.

Now our family is in its fourth generation! Lorenzo’s Great Grandchildren are the new Artisans who make the Gelati and regularly introduce delicious new, modern flavours to the display case, we have 24 to choose from! They spend most of their time trying out new recipes and modern methods to enter finalised products in the yearly National Ice Cream Competition. They have recently followed even closer in their Great Grandad’s footsteps by winning Awards at National level, which put us in the UK’S Top 10 Nationally!

You can also take our Gelati home with you! Customers can purchase any mix of flavours from our 24 varieties and take it home to store in their own freezer! This way, you can enjoy our Gelato anytime at home or for a special family occasion. Our Gelati can be purchased in half litre or litre containers, the best way for customers to order their Gelati is to come to the cafe and choose a mix of flavours from the display case. We will then pack this up, so it's ready for you to store in your freezer at home.

Afternoon Ice Cream Parties can also be catered for - Contact us for details!